Amazing Xylitol!

Amazing Xylitol Prevents Tooth Decay and Reduces Plaque

Xylitol fights cavities by:

  • Disrupting decay-causing (pathogenic) bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria produce acid & plaque, and by disrupting their metabolism, it increases the pH in your mouth & reduces plaque.
  • Xylitol gum also stimulates saliva. Saliva also neutralizes acids & has minerals your teeth need. Increased pH promotes both healthy “good” bacteria & the re-mineralization of your teeth.

Over 25 years of research & testing confirm that xylitol is the best sweetener for teeth. Xylitol use reduces tooth decay rates for nearly everyone, young and old alike.

Xylitol is a sweet, white substance that looks and tastes like sugar, but has 40% fewer calories than sucrose and is diabetic friendly. It is a 5-carbon sugar, similar to mannitol and sorbitol, but with its own special properties. It is found in the fibers of fruits and vegetables like corn, berries, mushrooms and the wood of trees like birch.

Xylitol is found most often in chewing gum, mints and oral sprays. For xylitol products to be effective, xylitol needs to be the main ingredient. Health food stores can be a good resource for xylitol containing products. Trident gum has only 0.17 grams of xylitol, a fraction of the amount needed. Epic, Spry or Xylichew products have 1 gram per piece.

Dosing: Xylitol gum or mints used 3-5 times daily, for an optimal total intake of 5-6 grams. Gum should be chewed for approximately 5 minutes & mints should be allowed to dissolve.
As xylitol is digested slowly in the large intestine, large amounts can lead to soft stools or have a laxative effect. Some individuals may be more sensitive to this effect, those folks can start with a smaller amount and slowly work up to the 5 grams a day so your body will adjust.

You can even buy a bag of granular xylitol and lightly sweeten your drinking water as a way to encourage greater water consumption and get the xylitol dose you need! One teaspoon has 4 grams of xylitol, so add 1 1/2 teaspoons of xylitol to a liter of water and sip it all day.

Xylitol has been approved for use by people of all ages. With regular use, studies have shown that xylitol can actually help teeth to rebuild early decayed spots. Daily use can help reduce cavities in kids by as much as 80%.

Like chocolate, Xylitol should be kept out of the reach of DOGS. If you suspect your dog has ingested xylitol, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Ann Ossinger is a Registered Dental Hygienist who owns DoorStep DentalHygiene, LLC, a mobile dental hygiene service that provides dental hygiene services to people who would otherwise be unable to go to a regular dental clinic in the Linn-Benton Counties of Oregon. 541-990-0814. Please contact Ann if you have any questions!