Presenting to!

I love presenting my passions!

Last Tuesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to present to the Marion County Dental Hygiene Study Club in Salem, Oregon.

The title of my presentation was “Oral Health and Older Adults in an Alternative Practice Setting”. Even though I woke up that morning with a COLD (first one all year, too!) I was able to speak with the assistance of a microphone!

I discussed a little about my business model, DoorStep DentalHygiene, LLC, a bit about palliative care in a dental hygiene perspective, the power of language, how an older adult differs from a younger adult physiologically, and touched on medications, nutrition and hydration. The core of the presentation though was how to provide dental hygiene care to dependent adults with complex chronic illnesses such as dementia and stroke.  Whew! That was a lot of information! I also handed out an information sheet that covers “Tips and Tricks” of how to approach someone with diminished cognitive abilities, so everyone feels safe and protected.

I also pointed out that we have an ODHA conference coming up! Expanded Practice Dental Hygiene Conference on May 20th and 21st, 2016 in Springfield, Oregon. is the link to take you to conference details of how to sign up!

I touched on how sugar affects the older adult and here is link to one of my favorite videos on sugar: The title is “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”

It was a honor to speak to all of you who share my passion, not only for dental hygiene, but especially for those populations who are unable to access care through traditional routes!

Thank you for having me. I love my job! And I love TALKING about my job! 🙂

Ann Ossinger is a Registered Dental Hygienist who owns DoorStep DentalHygiene, LLC, a mobile dental hygiene service that provides dental hygiene services to people who would otherwise be unable to go to a regular dental clinic in the Linn-Benton Counties of Oregon. 541-990-0814. Please contact Ann if you have any questions!