I’m still here!


I know it has been MONTHS since I have updated any of my blogs, but to be honest, I’ve been busy! (I know, haven’t we all)

I am still out here in Benton and Linn counties in Oregon, helping people with special needs, seniors, folks with disabilities, dementia, or any other health conditions that might make it difficult to go out for a dental appointment in a dental clinic, -I’m the one to call!

I’m also in schools applying dental sealants for children, mostly ages 6-8 but I’ve also seen a few kids in their teens too. It mixes it up for me to see folks from all walks of life. For the school sealant program I’ve been mostly working in Linn County/Greater Albany School district.

This fall I’ve been over at the Oregon Veterans Home in Lebanon, giving the caregivers instruction on how to care for their resident veteran’s mouth’s. I also made a stop at the Albany Mennonite Village, talking with both the folks in Lydia’s House as well as the Long Term Care. I love getting calls to train others!

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Corvallis Clinic at the “Just for Seniors” event and fair. I got to see a few people I hadn’t seen in a while. It is always fun to get out in the community and meet folks.

And here is a photo of me with an assistant for the children’s school sealant program in Albany. Gotta love those kids!

Thank you for being interested in my work and in what I do. I have a lot of passion for good oral health, no matter what your age!

Ann Ossinger is a Registered Dental Hygienist who owns DoorStep DentalHygiene, LLC, a mobile dental hygiene service that provides dental hygiene services to people who would otherwise be unable to go to a regular dental clinic in the Linn-Benton Counties of Oregon. 541-990-0814. Please contact Ann if you have any questions!